Fellowship is an essential part of church life, and at St. Andrew we excel at it. In addition to coffee hour, parish potlucks, Thanksgiving breakfast, book groupPresbyterian Women, mission work, committees, Famous Friends, and the Alternative Christmas Fair, St. Andrew is the kind of place where people feel welcomed. From the homey rocking chairs, to warm smiles and hugs, St. Andrew is truly a church family.

In addition to the work or our pastor, our deacons provide connection through the parish network. They send out cards, visit people, and provide support to church members in need of a little extra help after the birth of a child, or surgery. St. Andrew is a place to lean on during tough times, and to celebrate during times of joy.



Coffee Hour


Coffee hour is a unique opportunity to get to know a new person, make plans for committees, groups, and missions, catch up with friends, and support a very important mission. St. Andrew purchases fair trade coffee, as part of the Presbyterian Church's Coffee Project. The coffee project encourages churches all over the world to purchase fair trade coffee- coffee bought directly from farmers, at a fair price- a price that allows farmers to support their families. So at coffee hour we can enjoy our coffee twice as much, because not only is it a good cup of coffee, but it also supports poor farmers in developing countries.

Parish Potlucks


Each of our four parishes gets together throughout the year for potluck suppers, fellowship and fun.



Thanksgiving Breakfast


One of the finest St. Andrew traditions- from a woman's point of view- is the Thanksgiving breakfast. The breakfast is cooked, served, and cleaned up, entirely by the men of the congregation! so the women of the church get to relax, and enjoy the day.


Famous Friends


A wonderful, intergeneration fellowship, famous friends connects children with adults in the congregation. Famous friends get together throughout the year for breakfast, a time of fellowship and fun.

Annual Talent Show


Once a year members of the congregation show off their talents, and have a delicious lunch to raise funds for our youth ministry.