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St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is a reformed and reforming community of faith in Christ where we work for reconciliation and social justice and where we can be theologically bold, spiritually generous, and radically welcoming.

We believe in reaching out to the world, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, working for social justice, spreading the news of God's love throughout the world.


Our Vision


Building a community of faith unleashed into the world by the love of God. 


Our Mission


Proclaiming and living the Good News of Jesus Christ by:

  • Listening to a loving God

  • Celebrating our faith together

  • Nurturing each other in Christian love and spiritual growth 

  • Working for social justice and peace

  • Reaching out in compassionate service

  • Being stewards of all God’s gifts 


Our Goals


Strengthen active participation in creative worship to provide experiences that glorify God and speak to the hearts of all in our worship community. 


Engage in the struggle to free people from fear, sin, oppression, hunger and injustice through all of our ministries. 


Encourage persons of all ages to grow in faith through worship, prayer, Christian education, small groups, fellowship and mission. 


Meet the spiritual and physical needs of members, friends and community, encouraging the growth of authentic relationships in a fellowship that operates with love and understanding. 


Uphold members and friends as they use the gifts and abilities God has given, honoring and serving God in personal life, in household and families, in daily occupations, in community, nation and the world. 

Our Retired Clergy


St. Andrew is blessed by the presence and gifts of many experienced and retired clergy who are part of the congregation. Revs. Bill Aber, Dick Harrison, Frank Iske, Bill Renfro, Carl Soderberg, Richard Stoops, and Joyce Thompson are among the retired clergy who worship at St. Andrew.

Dewey Johnson.png

Most of Dewey’s ministry has been in Albuquerque. He was the organizing pastor of Cristo del Valle, a congregation who a few years ago turned their facility over to Camino de Vida.He taught math and religion at The Menaul School and was once the Part-time Pre-Organizing Pastor of the Far Northeast Heights Presbyterian New Church Development - say that several times as fast as you can - which then became Sandia Presbyterian Church.

Dewey has been involved in the Albuquerque community for many years. As a pastor he brought medical services to the South Valley by convincing Lovelace to begin its Rio Bravo Clinic.

Our Pastor

We welcome Reverend Dewey Johnson to St. Andrew as our Bridge Pastor. Rev. Dewey Johnson is a retired PCUSA pastor who resides here in Albuquerque. He grew up in Roswell unalienated by most every thing. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from what is now West Texas A&M. He received his Master of Divinity from Austin Theological Seminary.

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