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St. Andrew Presbyterian Church seeks to be a dynamic Reformed community of faith that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ by reaching out to others in compassionate service, celebrating our faith together in worship, encouraging all ages to grow personally and spiritually, and nurturing and supporting one another in Christian love.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is a reformed and reforming community of faith in Christ where we work for reconciliation and social justice and where we can be theologically bold, spiritually generous, and radically welcoming.

We are striving to overcome all divisions that separate the peoples of God from God and from one another, whether race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical or mental ability, education, socio-economic status, or cultural background.

We invite you to join with us in creating this beloved community.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church welcomes you in the name of Jesus Christ to come and visit us on Sunday mornings at 9:30, at 5301 Ponderosa Ave. NE. One block east of San Mateo. Across from Montgomery park.

Contact us at 881-9626, or


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This Week's Schedule

Emergency Services
This Week's Schedule

Sunday, June 28

5th Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 am

Worship. When David, Who spent years fleeing King Saul's wrath, hears of Saul and Jonathan's deaths, he weeps uncontrollably. - 1Samuel:1. Rev. Bill Aber will preach on "All Men are Mortal." Childcare is available children up to age seven from 9:00 am to the close of worship.

11:00 am

Christmas in July meeting



Tuesday, June 30

Bulletin announcements due 



Wednesday, July 1


6:00 pm

Worship Review



Thursday, July 2


10:00 am

Spiritual Formation

1:00 pm

Quintet Rehearsal



Friday, July 3

Church Office Closed



Saturday, July 4

4th of July Holiday



Sunday, July 5  

We Walk in Faith, not by Sight

9:30 am

Worship - Jesus sends out pairs of the Apostles telling them to "Take nothing for the journey except a staff, no bread, no bag, and no money."- Mark 6.   Rev. Cheryl Finch will preach. Childcare is available children up to age seven from 9:00 am to the close of worship. 


This Sunday, June 28;
1. Christmas in July - 11:00 am.
What was your favorite purchase at last year's Alternative Christmas? Do you want that organization represented again this year? Come to the planning meeting at 11:00 AM This Sunday, June 28 in the Library. We need to contact potential vendors early.
Thank you! Anna Creamer
2. TONIGHT: Follow-up to a recent St. Andrew series about the Middle East.   Rob Craig recommends PBS Sunday evening, June 28 at 8:00 pm.
Titled: Breaking new ground and laying bare old myths, 1913: Seeds of Conflict explores the little-known history of late Ottoman Palestine, a time of relative harmony between Arabs and Jews. How did this land of milk and honey, so diverse and rich in culture, become the site of today's bitter and seemingly intractable struggle? Was there a turning point when things could have been different? Weaving the raveled threads of Arab and Jewish narratives together, 1913: Seeds of Conflict provides new and fascinating insights into events which presaged a century of unrest.

On Vacation
Pastor Cheryl Finch is on vacation until July 4th. Rev. Rob Craig is available the 27th to July 1st and Rev. Catherine Robinson is available July 2 & 3 for urgent Pastoral needs.

Presbyterian Women to Celebrate the Birthday Offering on July 21
Presbyterian Women of St. Andrew will meet to receive and celebrate the Birthday offering on Tuesday, July 21, at 10:00 AM. Doris has, again, graciously offered her home as the site for this annual event.. We will hold a short business meeting to learn about the Birthday Offering grants, discuss ideas for programs in the Fall and elect a nominating committee to work toward establishing a slate of candidates to be presented at the December meeting. This Gathering will also include a pot luck brunch to follow the business meeting so plan to bring something to share; Doris will provide the beverages.

Inquirers Classes; July 19 and August 9
We had a wonderful turnout for our first Look @ St. Andrew class. For those of you who would like to find out more about church history and what it means to be Presbyterian there will be two follow up classes.On July 19th at 11:00 am the topic will be: Church History 101; where did the Presbyterians come from? on August 9th we will discuss What does it mean to be Presbyterian(and part of the PC(USA) in particular.) If you are interested in either or both of these classes, please RSVP to the Church office by the Thursday before each class. Thank you!

Presbyterian Women Bible Study - Starts September 1
Rev. Cheryl Finch has agreed to facilitate the Presbyterian Women Bible Study starting in September on the first Tuesday, which happens to be September 1st. "Come to the Waters" by teaching elder, Judy Record- Fletcher promises to be an interesting journey through the waterways of the Bible. Study guides will be on sale in August for $8.00. All members of the Church are invited to participate in this time of nourishment through the rich imagery of water.

Thank You for Your Donations Our congregation is wonderful!
We need small packs of Kleenex, men's socks, men's and women's underwear, ball caps and men's clothing (especially jeans). Toothpaste and toothbrushes are always needed too! Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Time for Young Disciples on Hiatus
Time for Young Disciples will be on hiatus for the summer. Many of the presenters are traveling, as are the children. Look for the return of TFYD on August 16.

An Opportunity to Serve Presbytery:
If you are an ordained elder or deacon and a member of St. Andrew (you do not need to be currently serving on session), Santa Fe Presbytery is looking for folks who would be willing to be nominated to sit on Presbytery committees. the Presbytery staff is soon to be restructured, many of the jobs staff once did will need to be done by volunteer members of Presbytery (and that's all of us.) becoming part of the challenge and excitement as we figure out, and live into what it means to be a Missional Presbytery. you would like to see a list of the committees and their job descriptions and/or are interested in having your name placed for nomination, please contact either Pastor Cheryl or Clerk of Session; Suzanne Busch All nominations need to be into the Presbytery office by July 31st so don't delay in letting us know of your interest. More details about the opportunities will be posted on the St. Andrew WEB-site soon (we hope!)

Emergency Services

State wide list of Food Distribution Services for people in need - Click "Sources for Emergency Food" in Care Giving Tools Topic below.

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Hearing Assistance

The sanctuary has a "Loop" system. With this system you can check out a headset and adjust the volume of the service in your head set. Or if you have hearing aids with a "T-Coil", you can turn your T-Coil on and hear the service directly in your hearing aids.

Good Stuff

Go to some Good Stuff relating to the work of the church

Audio of a panel discussion on "Understanding and Acting on the Border Crisis

A description of 20 different types of prayer that were referred to in the Sept 21st Christian Education Class

A worksheet for Reflecting on Your Spirituality based on the Adult Ed Class of 18 Oct. 2014

Care Giving Tools:

New Beginnings Reports

The congregation of St Andrew Presbyterian church went throught a process called "New Beginnings". It involved working in small groups, using guided discussions, to develop a vision for the future of this congregations. The assessor's report was developed by an independent outside group and is an assessment of the current congregation and its role in the community. The other reports describe the results of the small groups discussions, with increasing detail going from the Overview Report to the Detailed Report. These results have been reviewed by the congregation at a meeting on August 10th and will be submitted to the Session for approval.

New Beginnings Overview Report

New Beginnings Summary Report

New Beginnings Detailed Report

New Beginnings Assessor's Report

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