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St. Andrew Presbyterian Church seeks to be a dynamic Reformed community of faith that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ by reaching out to others in compassionate service, celebrating our faith together in worship, encouraging all ages to grow personally and spiritually, and nurturing and supporting one another in Christian love.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is a reformed and reforming community of faith in Christ where we work for reconciliation and social justice and where we can be theologically bold, spiritually generous, and radically welcoming.

We are striving to overcome all divisions that separate the peoples of God from God and from one another, whether race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical or mental ability, education, socio-economic status, or cultural background.

We invite you to join with us in creating this beloved community.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church welcomes you in the name of Jesus Christ to come and visit us on Sunday mornings at 9:30, at 5301 Ponderosa Ave. NE. One block east of San Mateo. Across from Montgomery park.

Contact us at 881-9626, or


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This Week's Schedule

Emergency Services
This Week's Schedule

Sunday, September 20

17th Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 am

Worship "Let everything that lives praise the Lord!" Rev. Cheryl Finch will preach on "Celebrating our Faith Together."

10:00 am

Young Children's CE

11:00 am

Mid-High CE with Hanna Roberto using the RE:form curriculum

11:00 am

Senior High CE addressing the question 'How Old is the Earth?" with Joe & Jim



11:00 am

Adult Christian Education: two choices:
Homelessness - Albuquerque Heading Home program with Megan McCormick - East CE Room
Discovering the Mystery of the Psalms." Part 2 - Rev. Bob Boughton - Library

11:00 am

Inquirer's class - - West CE room -

12:00 noon

Comfort My People

12:00 noon

Deacons Meeting



Tuesday, September 22

Presbytidings articles & announcements due

5:30 pm

Building & Grounds Committee



Wednesday, September 23


6:00 pm

Women's Book Group



Thursday, September 24


10:00 am

Historical Jesus

6:00 pm

Worship Review

7:00 pm

Choir Rehearsal



Sunday, September 27

18th Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 am

Worship - Nurturing each other in Christian love and spiritual growth


Youth and Adult CE



Sunday, October 4

19th Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 am

Worship Working for social justice and peace


Youth and Adult CE



Sunday, October 11


9:30 am

Worship Service 20th Sunday after Pentecost Reaching out in compassionate Service


Youth and Adult CE


Sunday September 20 - Make-up Inquirer’s Class #3
For those interested in making up our Inquirers class on Being Presbyterian (originally scheduled for Aug 9th) there will be a make-up class TODAY after services in the West Adult CE room. This class is intended for those who might be interested in member-ship at St. Andrew but come from a different denomination or tradition, or anyone who just wants to know more about being Presbyterian.


Adult CE on September 27
Adult CE East Room: "End of Life Issues" - Joan Gibson
Library: "Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture Now" by Walter Bruegerman - Chapter 1 - Rev. Cheryl Finch



Books for Adult CE Class That is to Begin Sept 27th.
Books are available now either after worship or in the church office for our upcoming Adult CE class; Sabbath as resistance; Saying NO to the CULTURE OF NOW by Walter Brueggemann. Cost is $8.50 (scholarships available). Also available to download to your Kindle. Class begins Sept 27th. Questions please contact Pastor Cheryl.


Adult Friends, our Children and Youth Need You
We are still looking for some adults to accompany our children and youth in their Sunday faith journeys this fall. Lead teachers and curriculum are already set what we need are folks willing to share in the experience each Sunday. Might you be able to commit to even one Sunday each month this fall, during the 9:30 hour (with the younger children) or during the 11:00 hour? Please share your interest with Pastor Cheryl.


Church Women United Retreat Friday, October 2
Church Women United is an ecumenical Christian women's group and will be gathering for a retreat on Friday, 2nd at Grant Chapel A.M.E. Church located at 7920 Claremont Ave NE. Coffee fellowship will begin at 9:00 am. The theme will be "Created for Happiness" and will be led by Diane Loomis of McCurdy Ministries, a United Methodist program endeavor. Please bring a sack lunch, dessert and drinks will be furnished by the women from Grant Chapel. A collection for Christina Kent Early Childhood Center of boys & girls Pull-Ups (all sizes), baby wipes, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, AA & AAA batteries, quality art supplies, sharpies (any color), balls for outdoor play and office supplies will be gathered. Want to give funds? Make check out to Christina Kent Early Childhood Center. For more information, contact Amy Costales at 505-867-4207.


Coming October 4th: The Peace and Global Witness Offering!
World Communion Sunday is October 4th. It is also the Sunday that St. Andrew accepts your offerings for the Peace and Global Witness Offering. In 2012, General Assembly set an ambitious goal of collecting $20 million by 2020 for our combined special offerings with the ultimate aim of making a significant impact in the world. The goal for this offering this year is $2 million. Heaven knows with the global crises of migrants moving to seek physical and economic safety, that goal is both needed and doable. However, each year there are fewer and fewer Presbyterians to meet that goal. Therefore, we need to dig deeper. In this year where tens of thousands are risking their lives to find safety for their families, whether crossing the Mexican border or the Mediterranean, please give generously when the plate passes you in your pew.


Family Promise Hospitality October 1 - 3
Fall is here and it is now our turn to offer hospitality to families who are participating in Family Promise on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Signup sheets will be in the fellowship room during coffee hour for the next several weeks. We need people to drive the van, stay overnight, cook a meal, be late afternoon-evening hosts and more. Please use your talents and/or time to be involved in this very worthwhile event.


Green chilies will be cooked, strained and jelled by next week for the green chili jelly! Please get your jars to the Church office ASAP!


Sunday Lunch Program
Every Sunday we serve lunch to our hungry guests. We would like to give you the opportunity to participate in this valuable ministry. How can you help? We need cooks, servers, and folks to clean up. We encourage families and friends to join each other to cook or serve on a given Sunday. We are very grateful that our volunteers have served over 1100 meals this year! You can sign up on the calendar in the mini kitchen or use the website, "Volunteer Spot", where you can sign up directly for the date you wish. To sign up using the website, go to the following internet address: Cooks may serve a simple meal, a family favorite, or we will provide a recipe. A suggestion: a cook fixes an entree, another person a salad, and a 3rd a dessert. A hearty soup or a casserole is always welcome!


St. Andrew has received a very special anonymous gift, an AED - Automatic Electronic Defibrillator.
We want to offer CPR and AED training, sometime this fall. If you are interested, please look for the Health Ministries table and signup sheet
in the Narthex.


Clothes and Hygiene Needed for our Neighborhood Ministry
ALL hygiene items, women's clothes and men's clothes size 36 (or medium) and smaller are needed for our neighborhood ministry. Please bring your donations into the Church office and place in box by the grey cabinet. Thank you!

Emergency Services

State wide list of Food Distribution Services for people in need - Click "Sources for Emergency Food" in Care Giving Tools Topic below.

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Hearing Assistance

The sanctuary has a "Loop" system. With this system you can check out a headset and adjust the volume of the service in your head set. Or if you have hearing aids with a "T-Coil", you can turn your T-Coil on and hear the service directly in your hearing aids.

Good Stuff

Go to some Good Stuff relating to the work of the church

Audio of a panel discussion on "Understanding and Acting on the Border Crisis

A description of 20 different types of prayer that were referred to in the Sept 21st Christian Education Class

A worksheet for Reflecting on Your Spirituality based on the Adult Ed Class of 18 Oct. 2014

Care Giving Tools:

More Information About St Andrew Presbyterian Chur

Want more information about our congregation? Click this link: 2015 SAPC Mission Study. This document was developed as a part of our process to find a new pastor and it provides incite into who we are.

New Beginnings Reports

The congregation of St Andrew Presbyterian church went throught a process called "New Beginnings". It involved working in small groups, using guided discussions, to develop a vision for the future of this congregations. The assessor's report was developed by an independent outside group and is an assessment of the current congregation and its role in the community. The other reports describe the results of the small groups discussions, with increasing detail going from the Overview Report to the Detailed Report. These results have been reviewed by the congregation at a meeting on August 10th and will be submitted to the Session for approval.

New Beginnings Overview Report

New Beginnings Summary Report

New Beginnings Detailed Report

New Beginnings Assessor's Report

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