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St. Andrew Presbyterian Church seeks to be a dynamic Reformed community of faith that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ by reaching out to others in compassionate service, celebrating our faith together in worship, encouraging all ages to grow personally and spiritually, and nurturing and supporting one another in Christian love.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is a reformed and reforming community of faith in Christ where we work for reconciliation and social justice and where we can be theologically bold, spiritually generous, and radically welcoming.

We are striving to overcome all divisions that separate the peoples of God from God and from one another, whether race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical or mental ability, education, socio-economic status, or cultural background.

We invite you to join with us in creating this beloved community.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church welcomes you in the name of Jesus Christ to come and visit us on Sunday mornings at 9:30, at 5301 Ponderosa Ave. NE. One block east of San Mateo. Across from Montgomery park.

Contact us at 881-9626, or


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Including " Free Dental Care" Oct 24, 25

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This Weeks Schedule
Emergency Services
Hearing Assistance
This Weeks Schedule

Sunday October 19


9:30 am

Worship Service:  Rev. Bruce Smith preaching

10:00 am

K-5 CE.  Mid-highs Worship in narthex

11:00 am

Adult Christian Education; Bill Miller will lead "Reflecting on Your Spirituality, a "take-home version" of the  Reflective Conversations  program.
Youth;  will re-imagine the Judges and Kings period of Israelite history
K-5  cookie making;  Mid highs CE

12:00 noon

Comfort ye my people in library

6:00-8:00 pm

Artesia Panel: Join us at St. Andrew for a panel discussion on what is happening with the Central American women and children in the ICE camp in Artesia.  Find out how you can help. Panelists include Maria Martinez Sanchez, ACLU Attorney, Jose Luis Aguilar, City Councilor in Artesia and refugee advocate.



Tuesday, October 21


9:30 am

Presbyterian Women

12:00 noon 

Announcements due  

7:00 pm




Wednesday, October 22


6:00 pm 

Women's Book Group



Thursday, October 23


10:00 am 

Historical Jesus

6:00 pm

Worship Review

7:00 pm

Choir Practice



Friday, October 24


12:00 noon

Presbytidings articles due



Sunday, October 26


9:30 am

Worship Service:  Rob Craig preaching on "Wills can be love letters"


SUNDAY, COMFORT MY PEOPLE will meet today at noon in the church library.  A light lunch will be available. Comfort My People is for persons living with a mental illness or who are caretakers for someone with mental health needs.  We gather to support one another, listen to each other and become cheerleaders for one another. We welcome anyone who might need a supportive group.  For more information, contact Fonda or Marilyn.


PREACHING TODAY is our  own Dr. Bruce Smith,  an ordained Methodist pastor and Associate Professor of Psychology at UNM with special interests in health psychology and positive psychology.


ANTICIPATING AWAKENING: CHRISTIANITY, THE ARC OF CHANGE & EMERGING THEOLIGIES. Sunday October 19: Lecture and Reception today at 6:30 pm. $25 online, or $30. at the door. First Presbyterian Church, 215 Locust St. NE.  Talk given by Diana Butler Bass.
RETREAT for Clergy and Lay Leaders: Monday, October 20th, 12:00 noon-3:00 pm.


NORTHSIDE PARISH:  A Dessert Potluck is planned for Friday, October 24, 7:30 - 9:30 pm, at Sharon and Rob's.   Please bring a dessert to share.  Drinks will be provided. 


THIS YEAR WILL BE THE 32ND ANNUAL CROP WALK for the hungry and homeless in the Albuquerque Metro Area.  The walk is sponsored by Church World Service (CWS), a non-profit charitable organization.  This year the walk will start from Holy Cross Lutheran (6901 Wyoming Blvd.) on Sunday, October 26th.  Registration will begin at 1:15 pm with the walk on the perimeter trail (3.3 miles) from 2 pm to 4 pm around the Albuquerque Academy and Hoffmantown Church.  This year, the local agencies receiving 25% of the funds raised are Project Share and the Rio Grande Food Project.


THE CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED this Monday, October 20th.


ON OCTOBER 25TH, LOS ALTOS PARISH WILL BE SERVING PROJECT SHARE.  The primary need is for 8 chicken/rice casseroles (recipe and pan provided), and 8 dozen cookies/brownies.  On our day to serve, we will need help also.  Please contact Norma or Gwen to help. See these ladies in the AR after worship.  A monetary donation will help buy the rest of the menu (green beans, salad and apple sauce).


GARDENERS: Church compost/mulch, available now. 3 years in the making. Bring your own bags. See Steve.

Emergency Services

State wide list of Food Distribution Services for people in need - Click NEED FOOD in Care Giving Tools Topic below.

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Hearing Assistance

The sanctuary has a "Loop" system. With this system you can check out a headset and adjust the volume of the service in your head set. Or if you have hearing aids with a "T-Coil", you can turn your T-Coil on and hear the service directly in your hearing aids.

New Beginnings Reports

The congregation of St Andrew Presbyterian church went throught a process called "New Beginnings". It involved working in small groups, using guided discussions, to develop a vision for the future of this congregations. The assessor's report was developed by an independent outside group and is an assessment of the current congregation and its role in the community. The other reports describe the results of the small groups discussions, with increasing detail going from the Overview Report to the Detailed Report. These results have been reviewed by the congregation at a meeting on August 10th and will be submitted to the Session for approval.

New Beginnings Overview Report

New Beginnings Summary Report

New Beginnings Detailed Report

New Beginnings Assessor's Report

Good Stuff

Go to some Good Stuff relating to the work of the church

Audio of a panel discussion on "Understanding and Acting on the Border Crisis

A panel discussion about the Artesia Refuge camp in Artesia - October 19th

A description of 20 different types of prayer that were referred to in the Sept 21st Christian Education Class

An invitation to a Reflective Conversation - one on one - to help you with your spiritual journey

Care Giving Tools:

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